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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Boar's Head Ham Glaze Appetizer

This recipe is Kroger's marketing working like a charm. 
I ran into the store one day for deli meat and
the Boar's Head lady was at the counter giving out samples of this: 

Next thing I know, I was scrambling for these 4 ingredients
because I needed to bring an appetizer to work the next day. 
And it was EASY and a hit!

Take a brick of cream cheese and put it on a plate.
Slice it up a bit.
Heat about 1/2 the jar of Boar's Head Brown Sugar and Spice Ham Glaze.
Yes, Ham Glaze.
Pour the warmed glaze over the cream cheese.
Top with chopped pecans.
Serve with crackers.

You are welcome!